We will try to draw the undead into an ambush at Aurora Sportsmen's Club on Saturday, September 9th, 2017 from 8 AM to 5 PM. The club ranges are at 7641 Rueff Rd, Waterman IL 60556.

Although Aurora Sportsmen's Club is the event host, please do not seek refuge at the clubhouse on Preserve Road; there are no stages at this location. Report directly to 7641 Rueff Rd, Waterman IL 60556

Parking will be limited. Parking staff will be onsite to direct traffic.
Cars make noise. Noise attracts the undead.

Parking will be limited. Parking staff will be onsite to direct traffic.

Note: Traffic must ENTER on the EAST end of Reuff Road and EXIT on the WEST end of Reuff Road during the event.
We want to attract the Zombie horde into an ambush as far from the living as posible.

The chosen location is near, well, not much.

For more information, map ...

From The East

7641 Reuff Rd., Waterman, IL

I-88 West to US30

US 30 West to Waterman.

South on Elm (Waterman Rd) to Reuff Rd.

West on Reuff Rd to the ASC Range.

From the South

IL 23 North to US 30

US 30 West to Waterman.

South on Elm (Waterman Rd) to Reuff Rd.

West on Reuff Rd to the ASC Range.

From the North

IL 23 South to US 30

US 30 West to Waterman. South on Elm (Waterman Rd) to Reuff Rd.

West on Reuff Rd to the ASC Range.


Online registraiton opens June 1st, 2017. Check the Registration tab for more information.
Early registration begins June 1st and will run until July 31st at a cost of $65.

Beginning August 1st, registration is $80.

This year we are pleased to offer one free child (ages 5-17) admission with each paid adult admission. Additional tickets for children (ages 5-17) are $35. Unfortunately, children ages 0-4 will not be able to attend.

Online registration will be available on June 1st!
Yes! The at-the-door price is $80

General Event Information

Your registration includes unlimited access to all non-ticket stages, and enough tickets so you can try every stage requiring a ticket, one time. As of right now, only 2 out of the 10 stages will require a ticket.

Didn't obliterate the undead the first time at one of the ticket stages? Don't worry - you can try your luck again for $5.

It's open season on the undead and there is no limit!

Bring your pistol, rifle and shotgun with target ammunition if you want to shoot everything. No tracers, no armor piercing, no hunting loads, no defense loads. Shotshells should be 7, 7 1/2, 8 or 9 lead shot.

Bring as much ammo as you can carry. Carts, wagons and backpacks are permitted. If you have less than 500 rounds for each weapon platform, we will probably assign you to perimeter defense ... because no matter how good your aim is you will likely become an appetizer.
Check our list of exhibitors.

Many local purveyors plan to attend, but we won't know until event day if they made it past the roving Zombie hordes. You are advised to bring what you think you will need, and as many valuables (cash, credit, gold) as you can to procure more supplies.

To purchase ammunition or firearms, bring FOID if you're an Illinois resident. Even during the Zombie apocalypse, all state and local laws apply.
YES. The living need sustenance, so there will be food and drink available for purchase at The Zombie Shoot. Check the Exhibitors page for more information.

No alcohol will be available or permitted on the property.

You should minimally have enough hydration and snacks with you to survive without resupply. Zombies won't wait for you to take a meal break.
This is the sventh year we have ambushed a Zombie Horde at Aurora Sportsmen's Club. Last year over 200 shooters helped eliminate the infected to make the world safe for decent folk.
Are you kidding?!? Zombies don't care if it's raining!

Bring weather-appropriate gear to protect yourself, your firearms, and your ammo.
Attendeees can bring as many firearms as can be carried safely.

Firearms carts, wagons and other non-motorized wheeled devices are permitted so long as firearms are visibly safe.

Muzzles must always be pointed in a safe direction, magazines out, empty chambers indicators (chamber flags) inserted, cased, etc.)

Range Officers will be present in the parking lots to assist with safe gun handling. No person may uncase a firearm without a Range Officer Present!

Safety glasses and ear protection are mandatory. A limited supply will be available for sale at the shoot.

Closed-toe shoes.

Cases or carts for firearms.

Empty Chamber Indicators (Chamber Flags). A limited supply will be available at the shoot.


Cash for additional tries on ticket stages.

Cash for the concessions.

Sunscreen, hat with brim, long sleeves, bug spray, water bottle holder.

As many zombie-killing weapons and ammunition as you can safely transport (see "How many guns?" question.)


Hand-pulled wagons or carts to haul gear on the gravel road.

Snacks and drinks.


YES. Everyone must attend a safety briefing including observers, spectators, children, everybody.


Shooters and spectators alike will get the same information. After completing registration, attendees will muster for a Safety Briefing. After the Briefing, attendees can enter the event and re-enter.

Briefings will occur throughout the registration period (8:00 am through 3:00 pm).
While we realize the undead won't wait for you to be safe, we want to ensure none of the living join their ranks ...

1. Always treat every firearm as though it is loaded. It is up to you alone to verify the condition of every firearm, every time you pick one up.

2. Muzzles must ALWAYS be pointed in a safe direction. Never point any firearm at anything you are not willing to destroy. This includes muzzle awareness on and off the range, even when the firearm is 'known' to be unloaded.

3. Always keep your finger off the trigger and out of the trigger guard until the firearm is intentionally pointed downrange at a verified target, in front of a suitable backstop, and you are ready to fire.

4. All firearms must remain unloaded and cased, holstered, slung, or in a firearm cart unless you are in a shooting position on a stage or in a designated "safe" table area.

5. Always verify your target and what is around and beyond it.

6. No uncased/unholstered firearms may be handled anywhere except on a supervised shooting stage.

7. Attendees must follow directions given by Stage Captains and Range Officers -- without argument. Comply first, complain later.

Unsafe handling of firearms will be addressed by immediate expulsion from the event with no refunds offered.
We want to ensure none of the living join the undead, so we operate a 'Cold' range. All firearms must be UNLOADED while not actively engaged in a course of fire under the observation of a Stage Captain or Range Officer.

Range Officers may ask to confirm that firearms are safe. All attendees must comply with Range Officer requests and instructions.


Semi-Auto Pistols must be in one of the following conditions:
  • chamber empty, holstered*, striker/hammer down with magazine removed
  • chamber empty, magazine removed, with a chamber flag inserted AND in a case**
Revolvers must be in the following condition:
  • cylinder empty AND in a holster or case**
Pistols cannot be handled except at a stage or in a designated Safety Area. If any pistol falls out of a holster/case/bag it must remain on the ground until a Range Officer supervises the owner pick up, safe, and secure the pistol. The Range Officer may require the owner to change the holster/case/bag if it is deemed unsuitable for the event.

Semi-Auto Rifles must be in one of the following conditions:
  • unloaded; magazine out; carried, in a cart or slung; with a chamber flag clearly visible
  • if carried or slung, muzzle must be pointed straight up or straight down, with a chamber flag clearly visible
  • unloaded, with a chamber flag inserted AND in a case**
  • Semi-Auto/Pump Shotguns must be in one of the following conditions:
  • unloaded, carried or slung, muzzle pointed safely, with a chamber flag clearly visible
  • unloaded, with a chamber flag inserted AND in a case**
Over/Under or Side-by-Side Shotguns must be in one of the following conditions:

  • unloaded, broken open, carried, muzzle pointed safely, with the provided chamber flag clearly visible
  • unloaded AND in a case**
If you bring a weapon platform not listed above, it will be evaluated upon registration. You will be given instructions for safe transport during the event, and any deviation from these instructions will result in disqualification.

Ammunition cannot be loaded into a firearm until the shooter is instructed to do so by the Stage Captain.

* Holsters must be commercially manufactured, hold the firearm securely and cover the trigger completely.

** A 'Case' is any container which can be completely closed, so that no portion of the firearm is readily accessible.

*** NO STEEL CORE, PENETRATING, OR TRACER AMMO *** If you are in possession of it you will be disqualified from the event and escorted from the grounds.
Yes. It may be hard to hear the horde approach with ear protection, but if you lose your hearing they will sneak up on you and you will join their ranks prematurely.

Eye and Ear protection are required to be worn by everyone within 30 feet of any shooting position.
The undead won't wait for you to gear up, so arrive with your kit ready to roll. All firearm platforms must remain UNLOADED. Magazines may be loaded.


  • Eye protection and hearing protection. No exceptions.
  • Pistol/Rifle loads: we prefer jacketed projectiles, brass cases, and smokeless powder (least environmental impact) - but understand you might reload something else*
  • Shotgun loads: Target loads, size 7 - 9 shot. No hunting or home-defense loads. Lead shot is allowed.
  • All attendees must sign a waiver of all claims form to enter the event.
  • Everyone must attend the safety briefing on entry.


  • Weapon Platforms: cleaned, lubed, zeroed-in
  • Optics: installed, tight, aligned, fresh batteries
  • Enough magazines, speed loaders, etc. to use your weapon platform efficiently
  • Magazine pouches, dump bags, etc. so you don't have to fumble or search
  • Hydration & snacks (or cash for the concessions)
  • Weather-appropriate clothing/gear. Closed-toe shoes.
  • Sunscreen, bug spray/lotion, chapstick, etc.

* We reserve the right to refuse any kit that violates common sense. For example, if you are a handloader and have access to depleted uranium components, you cannot use them. We acknowledge these are not listed above, but we will not allow shooters to use potentially damaging equipment on our range.
We want all the help we can get preventing the undead from getting us - but more importantly we want to ensure we don't get each other.

There will be immediate disqualification and an escorted departure from the event for the participant with no refunds if/for the following:
  • Any negligent discharge
  • Any bullet flies over a berm
  • Any round is discharged anywhere other than on a supervised stage
  • Any uncased or unholstered firearm is handled by a participant other than at a stage or at a designated "safe" area.

Please note that:
  1. While negotiating any course of fire, the muzzle of your firearm must remain within a shooting arc of 180 degrees, never extending more than 90 degrees left or right from the backstop of the bay where you are shooting.
  2. Muzzle discipline is of the utmost importance both on the range, and walking around on the grounds of ASC. Under no circumstances should the muzzle of your firearm cover any part of you or any other person. Occurrences may result in your disqualification and dismissal from the premises.
  3. No refunds will be given if a shooter is disqualified from the event.
NO. Fighting any enemy is always done best when sober / straight.

No alcohol or other mind-altering substances may be consumed by any individual at The Zombie Shoot. Any person who, at the sole discretion of Stage Captains, Range Officers, or club officials, appears to be intoxicated or impaired by a substance will be immediately asked to leave.

Alcoholic beverages and illegal intoxicants are not permitted anywhere on the property.

Violators of the "No intoxicants" rules will be disqualified and asked to leave the range. If this request is not honored, Police Officers will already be onsite to escort violators from the grounds.
There will be a staffed area designated for first aid of minor injuries.

If there is a serious injury or incident which compromises the safety of shooters or staff, a Stage Captain or Range Safety Officer will step in and take control of that stage. While each situation will be different, a likely scenario is:
  1. Staff will announce a Cease Fire.
  2. Staff will evaluate the situation and call emergency staff as needed.*
  3. Staff may ask for assistance - always follow the direction of Zombie Shoot staff and assist only when asked.
  4. Shooters/spectators may be asked to clear the immediate area if necessary.

* If you are a medical professional who can help, please let the Stage Captain or Range Officer know when you arrive at the stage. It is better to know this before your help is needed.
YES! Children ages 5 and over are welcome. It's never too soon to learn to be responsible with a firearm. And who knows when your future Zombie Hunter might cover you in the fight against a Zombie horde?

For all stages, Stage Captains will evaluate each shooter and determine whether or not that stage is appropriate for that shooter. Children may be allowed to shoot stages only under the direct supervision of a parent/guardian AND a Stage Captain. All Stage Captain decisions are final.

All children under the age of 18 MUST be accompanied by an adult and be under direct supervision (within arm's reach) at all times.